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Since: 2006
Location: The Peak District, Derbyshire
Capacity: 15,000

Winner: Best Medium Festival, UK Festival Awards 2015
Winner: Best Small Festival, UK Festival Awards 2012.
Winner: The Grassroots Festival Award, UK Festival Awards 2011.
Winner: Best Toilets, UK Festival Awards 2011.

For one weekend a year, the gorgeous Peak District countryside becomes home to the Y Not Festival.
There has been steady, organic growth since it began life as a gathering of young people attending an overspilling house party in deepest, darkest, Derbyshirest, Derbyshire. But it does retain the carefree, good-time atmosphere of those original, dawning years.

The festival is still run by the same small team of passionate enthusiasts it was all those years ago (albeit a little older and a little wiser), but with the same ethos at heart – great people having a great time makes a great festival.

Stunning panoramic views of the countryside, a fully stocked bar of local ales and ciders, a mouth-watering selection of food and more live music than you could ever possibly take in.
All you need to provide is the memories (and a killer fancy dress outfit).